Harris Schanhaut, CME has been managing conferences, meetings and events for many years in diverse industries including automotive, medical, travel, technology, financial, pharmaceutical, wellness and manufacturing. He has been published numerous times in trade publications and been a speaker at industry events since 2003. Schanhaut was also a co-chair on Meeting Professionals International’s Greater New York Chapter within the Strategic Partnership Committee which was named Committee of the Year, on the Board of Directors of the Trade Show Exhibitors Association until July 2009 where he received the President’s Award for service. Schanhaut was on the Board of Advisors for BPA Worldwide, the monthly forecasting board for Trade Show Executive magazine, was Chairman of the Board for the Event and Exhibition Industry Audit Commission and is a repeat guest lecturer on events and trade shows for St. John’s University.


Video Map Still Video mapping at an event. Click image for video

IMG_0040Sometimes you must “own” a conference. Click image for video.

USAA_FunFest_2016-39A company picnic for over 20,000. Click the image to view more.

IMG_7234An event in a “normal” venue has its challenges. Have you done one in an active airport? Click the image to see more.

MLK WalkManaging several thousand employees participating in the MLK March throughout the country including registration websites tailored for all locations, meals, shirts, banners, transportation and security.

Outback SafariAn international incentive trip. Click the image to view more.


When the old booth just won’t work anymore. Click on the image to view more.



I’ve done events for over 21,000 people. I’ve also managed events with eight-figure budgets. Size is not the key. What is critical in every event, whether it is a meeting for two with a visiting flag officer and the CEO or a huge employee appreciation event, it is the attention to detail that will determine the success of the event.



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